President Message


Season’s Greetings,

Over the centuries, the ingenuity of mankind has created a civilisation in which nearly all our functions take place in and around buildings and structures. Structural engineers have immensely contributed in the creation of this civilisation and in the built environment. It is however a sad commentary that we structural engineers do not get the recognition in the society that is due to us, despite the fact that our profession, by default demands a high degree of creativity, imaginative mind and innovative ideas.

In last two decades or so, we are witnessing an explosion in the development of new digital tools and technologies that are transforming the way we structural engineers work. These scientific and technological developments are opening up exciting new opportunities for the future direction of our profession. These developments poses a great challenge to structural engineers in India. We need to embrace these technologies if we are not to be left behind, and since young people tend to be naturally skilful in this area, we can use this developing aspect of our work to spark their interest and attract them into structural engineering.

The Indian association of structural engineers (IAStructE) is the national apex body of structural engineers in India established with the objective to cater to the overall professional needs of structural engineers and to bridge the gap that exists between the state of practice in India and the state of the art. In the past IAStructE has been privileged to get visionary leadership of accomplished structural engineers like Mr. Mahendra Raj, Mr. S Ghosh, Mr. S C Mehrotra, Prof.Mahesh Tandon and Mr Manoj Mittal. During the last 17 years of our existence, IAStructEhas achieved many milestones and has grown reasonably. However as we all know, India is currently going through a demographic transition. India’s burgeoning youth will ensure that we will be the world's largest workforce by 2027. Unless we structural engineers do not take any pre-emptive steps to prepare ourselves to face this situation, we will be putting our next generation into difficulty. IAStructE is committed to address these issues.

Very recently, the new governing council took over the affairs of the association for the term 2019-21. We want to grow in size, expand the range and reach of our activities and hence increase our influence. We need IAStructE to have a truly PAN India presence.

I am sure this website will be useful for all stakeholders e.g. civil & construction engineers, services consultants, planners, government officials, builders/developers, construction equipment’s,/chemicals & /material manufacturers/suppliers & users of structural engineering services for having close interactions with structural engineering community. Please feel free to contact us for any query or feedback.